Reviewing logistic processes to improve efficiency for 2023

Logistic Processes

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For UK companies looking to review their logistic processes it can be a time-consuming and costly task. However, if it is implemented correctly, in the long run it can save a company a lot of money by cutting overheads and introducing efficiency.

As the year of 2022 draws to a close, we are facing impending pressures with rising energy prices and high interest rates. It is essential that businesses consider leaner models with regards to their logistic infrastructure. By doing the research now, they will certainly gain the benefit of this investment in the long run and as we move into 2023.

So how should an logistic processes audit be conducted?

  1. Administer a Review – Understand all logistic processes across the business to assess where they are applied and then break them down individually to define which variables are required to support each element.
  2. Research – Find out what is available on the market and what methods competitors are using. By considering what is available will help company owners to understand where the business would benefit from changing or upgrading their current logistic processes.
  3. Consider Automotive Investment – Investment in new fleet vehicles which are environmentally kinder and powered by electric not only saves money on fuel costs, but can also remove Clean Air Zone charges which are growing in enforcement across UK cities.
  4. Invest in technology – Congested cities are where businesses can lose the most money in terms of lost time spent in heavy traffic. Investing in technology which can avoid busy times and areas, could help companies to transport goods far more efficiently.
  5. Reduce packaging – Bulky packaging takes up extra space, which means that the amount of goods which can be carried at one time is reduced. By minimising the size of packages, carriers can transport more stock without compromising protection of goods.
  6. Outsource service support – Managing customer enquiries can be a real burden on businesses. Of course, sales are essential but managing customers is equally as important. By outsourcing service support to a company like WeAnswer, means that we can manage customer calls on your behalf and when that extra pair of hands is needed, during anytime of the day, without the need for extra office space and manpower. To find out how our team at WeAnswer can help your company further, please contact us.

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