Securing Customer Data Responsibly

Securing Customer Data Responsibly through digital technology

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In today’s technological climate securing customer data has never been so important. Our reliance on digital systems to access and update customer details is fundamental to fulfilling daily duties and delivering successful customer communication. However, with continued cyber security attacks ever threatening business systems, the way in which customer data is stored and protected is crucial.

Securing Customer Data through a review

The first procedure is to review how customer data is stored. Consider where the data is kept and who has administrative access. Understand the vulnerabilities within networks and asses where improvements could be made to limit the occurrence of a cyber-attack.

Listen to Customers

Sharing data to a third party and without consent is a definite NO and often raises concerns with customers about how their data is collected and stored. It is important that companies listen to customers to understand how individuals would like their data to be used and to gain their trust. Keeping messaging clear and transparent as to how data is captured or used, is key to a successful relationship.

Building customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is again built through trust. Having faith that a company will not share data with a third party and will use it with respect, means that individuals might increase the volume of information which they would like to share.

Furthermore, customers are more confident and welcome greater interaction if they know how their data is being used. Receiving tailored advertisements based on their likes or promotional marketing through their preferred device, gives companies further opportunity to communicate based on their client’s data choices.

Securing Customer Data through WeAnswer

Here at WeAnswer we treat customer data security on behalf of your business with the upmost respect through our ISO 27001 certification. If you are sharing your client data with our teams, then your customer information WILL NOT be shared with third parties and furthermore details are stored securely on our private servers. We also provide a data cleaning service which is fulfilled on client request and as a business we acknowledge that customers do have the right to be deleted under EU GDPR 2018 regulation.

If you would like to outsource your customer service to a trusted customer service provider, then our customer services team at WeAnswer can help. To find out how we can support your business, please get in touch or see our website for further details.

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