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Data Love | Treat your devices and data with respect

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Managing business data by applying best practice is not always easily achievable for UK companies. With so many other commitments to accomplish throughout the day, sloppy business data storage can soon take over our devices. This inevitably creates extra time and effort in locating information when we need it urgently. So how can businesses be kinder to their data? This February we are encouraging all UK business teams to show their data some love!

Business Data Awareness

Segregate Data –

By compartmentalising data into specifically named categories and folders, it generates a system which is easier for the user to find what they are looking for. It narrows down the information into bite-sized sections which is more organised.

Clean up old information –

Archive old customers, remove any duplicate entries, and delete files and information which is no longer required. Remember that old customers can request for the ‘right to be deleted’ under current EU GDPR legislation and so it is important that you adhere to any requests.

Be cyber aware –

Don’t forget that the more business data your business holds, the greater the information responsibility is open to cyber hackers. To minimise the occurrence of a cyber-attack, think and act carefully around the importance of storing data and remove anything that has become obsolete.

Secure your data –

Again with cyber security in mind, it is important to define who within the company has access to the data and if it is relevant to their job role. Consider those who have left the business and if they could still gain access – if this is the case then immediately change passwords to eliminate outside access.

Train your team –

Whilst you might treat your business data with the upmost care, your team may not hold the information in the same level. Ensure that all employees are trained to be aware of data risks and offer advice for how to keep information in good health.

Backup your data –

Devices regularly now come with cloud data backup facilities so that any data created can be backed up securely. Furthermore, it is vital that backups are checked regularly to ensure that the data is supported, in case a device fails and the business needs to gain access through alternative options.

Here at WeAnswer we treat customer data on behalf of our client’s businesses with extreme respect and sensitivity. If your business is looking for a UK contact centre to communicate with your customers on your behalf, but needs a customer services team who you can trust, then WeAnswer provides the perfect customer services option for UK businesses. To find out more about outsourcing customer services or to speak to our confidential team of customer services experts, please get in touch.

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