Owning a small business doesn’t mean the support of a small team

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According to parliament.uk, in 2021 there were approximately 5.6 million private businesses operating in the United Kingdom. Included within this, 5337 micro businesses operated with just 0-9 employees and 211 small businesses operated with 10-49 employees.

The greatest challenge for micro and small businesses, is the fact that individual employees need to be versatile enough. By doing so, they can take on a variety of job roles to run the company and to maximise revenue. Subsequently, sometimes this means taking on roles which are unfamiliar and where there is a lack of training and support from owners and managers. Furthermore, because senior employees just don’t have the time or the resources to invest in all areas of the company, the best possible outcome for the business is to outsource roles which can be professionally supported without the unnecessary headache.

Outsourcing aspects, relieves small businesses

By outsourcing aspects of a business such as outsourcing customer service to WeAnswer, a significant resolution can immediately be achieved. Third party companies like ours, not only bring experience and excellence within their field, they take care of employment. Coupled to this, they find the correct employees to assist the company for who they are supporting. This means that for an agreed fee, micro businesses and small businesses are supported by a much wider network. They can tap into unlimited resources and experience, without having to directly recruit staff for the roles. Not only does this save on cost and time, but also brings further direct support to other employees within the business, providing an added benefit.

Through working closely with SME companies, WeAnswer deliver a bespoke and professionally delivered customer services solution. Our customer support services individually suit companies, without requiring extra time or investment for recruitment, human resources, and training. To find out more about how WeAnswer supports micro, small businesses and medium sized companies with customer services support within the UK SME sector, please contact our customer services expert team for further information.

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