Spring Clean your Customer Complaints Practices

cleaning up customer services practices

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As we move into the Spring season, this month WeAnswer are promoting positive customer complaints practices to help UK businesses and their customer services teams.

Customers like to be treated respectfully and a positive customer service outcome is good for the business and the customer. So, what can companies look out for and how can they train their teams to be effective?

Steps towards good customer complaints practices

Be polite – Opening the conversation politely will start the conversation positively. Ask for a name and order number as a point of reference to begin the discussion.

Offer a listening ear – The customer has contacted you for a reason and is going to want to get straight to the point as to why they are calling. Gather as much information as to why they are calling so that you can provide them with the right outcome.

Make an apology – Don’t be afraid to apologise for the mistake. Customers are more likely to respond to this positively and work together to find the right outcome.

Record the conversation – Record as much detail as possible by updating notes. This means that you have a record as to what has been discussed and other colleagues can understand the problem and deal with the issue accordingly.

Provide an outcome – At this point, there might not be a solution. However, there might be a date to contact the customer to move to the next stage of the query.

Issue a reference number – Should you, your colleagues or the customer need to follow up the query, a reference number provides a central piece of data which all parties can refer to. This means that, everyone involved can find the history of the query and so that they can take it further.

Working closely with WeAnswer

Are you looking for further customer service support within your own business team? Maybe your employees just don’t have enough time to deal with the number of queries coming into the business, but are committed to providing a positive experience. Here at WeAnswer we support companies who wish to outsource their customer service for both short, ad hoc support and more long-term contracts. We use a variety of communication methods including digital, voice / phone, dedicated and virtual receptionist support. To find out more please get in touch or see our customer service website for more information.

Get more ideas at: https://www.superoffice.com/blog/customer-complaints-good-for-business/

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