Staff shortages are an ongoing problem for retail

Staff Shortages - All employees joining together to help

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Staff shortages have been a great challenge for UK retailers throughout the pandemic. Retailers employ staff for many job roles within the business, from online sales and shop floor assistants, warehouse staff and delivery drivers to customer services and support. The logistic supply chain in putting products in front of customers, to dispatching purchases and following up with customer aftercare is a regular strategic cycle. Furthermore, it’s in place to respond to consumer demand and improve overall business growth. Subsequently, over the last 12 months, UK retailers have struggled with staff shortages for many reasons and keeping a retail chain afloat has been a frustration for companies.

In response, many employees have willingly helped where they can. Often taking on alternative temporary job roles within the business to fill the gaps, ensuring that customers receive their goods on time and keeping the business running at all costs.

Whilst everyone within the company is doing their upmost to keep everything going, often something is needed to alleviate the pressure and in doing so, choosing to outsource customer services is often a good choice for UK retailers. This means that, they can gain extra support for their customers without the need to invest further time, pressure, and finance into recruiting a team to help the business.

Outsourcing customer services is one method to help staff shortages issues

By outsourcing customer services to a professional supplier like WeAnswer, offers flexibility to retailer owners. We embrace your business brand, learn everything that we can about your company, it’s product and services. This means that when we speak to customers on behalf of your business, we reach an accurate tone of communication and customers feel confident that they are communicating with someone who understands the business and recognises their needs.

If your retail business is currently facing staff shortages and would like to outsource your customer services to WeAnswer, please get in touch with our customer services experts. We offer a range of bespoke customer services options to suit individual retail businesses and offer full support wherever needed.

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