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Supporting Independent Retailers | Busy cobbled high street.

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This July, marks Independent Retailers Month 2023 and to celebrate, our team at WeAnswer are sharing ideas on why it is so important to shop with your favourite UK independent retailers.

Imagine a place without shops or nowhere to visit during a lunch hour, after work or over a weekend – towns & villages would feel like such solace places. As interactive humans, we love the buzz, we love catching up with family and friends and hanging out by strolling around the streets, admiring the architecture, and shopping together. Therefore, it is extremely important that we value independent retailers and regularly support our favourite local businesses by visiting their shops.

Sourcing stylish products

Over the years, British designers have often been at the forefront of eye-catching styles in clothing and homeware. Finding stores which don’t mass produce, but instead sell small lines of iconic high-quality fashion and homeware pieces in unique stylish designs, means that customers can purchase desirable products which are timeless.

Creating communities

Independent retailers bring energy to high streets. Collectively, they create sustainable towns and cities which attract shoppers to create vibrant life and positive bustle. Shopping independently not only helps communities to thrive but also supports friendships.

Building revenue

Independent retailers build revenue into towns further than their own shops and into a broad spectrum of other businesses and services. From cafes, coffee shops and bars to transport networks, security, and local authority support. These allow mini economies to thrive which create jobs and means that revenues expand far further than just the shop itself.

Finding customer service support

Here at WeAnswer, our teams understand the importance of excellent customer service within British businesses of all sizes – from small high street independents to multi-premises high street retailers. If you have a great product but are conscious that your customer support maybe struggling, then we can help to raise your business profile. This means that, you can offer a complete high-quality service across both product and customer support. To find out how to outsource your customer service at a competitive rate and without any hidden costs, please get in touch through our dedicated UK contact centre team today.

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