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UK Contact Centre | Female Representative

Finding the right approach when looking for a UK contact centre

If your company is struggling to maintain a good level of customer service and ongoing support, or you experience short term surges in volume that it’s difficult to recruit for, then choosing to outsource your customer services by contracting a UK contact centre is naturally the next step. Understanding what information you will need to …

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Logistics - Parcel deliveries & returns

Maximising time for logistics and returns

It is no secret that over recent weeks, logistics and returns companies have taken a bit of a blow lately, due to a shortage in drivers and complications following Brexit and Covid. Subsequently, many commercial businesses are now frantically trying to implement a better infrastructure, in preparation for Christmas. Planning a logistical supply chain to …

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starting a new campaign

Starting A New Campaign – 8 Questions To Ask

Having the best possible provision for telephone and email customer contact is vital in every marketing and business drive. The ability to directly contact a professional, engaging brand representative is invaluable when it comes to nurturing customer loyalty, garnering customer intelligence data and boosting acquisitions. We look at the eight questions to ask before you begin a new contact centre campaign.

top tips business efficiency

Top Tips to Ensure Business Efficiency

Optimising business efficiency is vital to all companies, and in the case of SMEs, where resources are particularly precious, cutting costs and ensuring effective allocation of resources should be right at the top of your list. While businesses increasingly require smarter ways of working – basically doing the same for less – so customers’ expectations increase exponentially. We offer some top tips to help you succeed.

fawlty customer service

Mending Fawlty Customer Service

In a market saturated by consumer choice, building and maintaining a good customer service culture in your business is more important than ever. With the advent of social media and the fact that consumers now have an enormous, open forum to discuss your services, it is vital that you not only offer an exceptional product but that your customers have an all-round positive experience when dealing with your company. We discuss the best customer service strategies to help ensure success for your business.

optimise contact centre

Top Tips To Optimise Your Contact Centre During Peak Times

Whether you outsource your contact centre services or manage them in-house, it’s vital to plan ahead for peak times. Businesses that learn from past experiences and make data-led operational improvements welcome busy times with open arms – and foster a loyal customer base. We offer some expert tips so you can be there when your customers need you.

customer service awards

Prestigious Customer Service Award For Our Client Crew Clothing

We are delighted to announce that Crew Clothing, whom we have been providing customer service for since June 2013, are the proud winners of a Micros Systems Shopping Experience Award for customer service! Micros Systems produce an annual multichannel delivery report, compiled from mystery shopping over 200 home shopping retailers.

customer service trends 2014

Customer Service and Consumer Trends for 2014

2013 was a year full of surprises for the digital world, with the evolution of social media powering on at breakneck speed, spawning a seething hub of comment from marketing analysts, keen to anticipate the next move from the tech community and consumers. Jargon and big data are ever more perplexing and Twitter #fails by the likes of British Airways have highlighted how mis-managing social media customer service can result in gleeful brand-bashing overnight. Read on for our predictions in 2014.

customer service awards

Multichannel Customer Service and the Benefits of Outsourcing – Interview with Iain MacDonald of Crew Clothing

Iain MacDonald, Multichannel Marketing Director at Crew Clothing, talks to us about multichannel customer service and the importance of truly listening to your customers. Iain discusses Crew’s ethos and customer service strategy, the impact social media has had on their business and how they intend to develop this into the future. He also advises on their top tips for business efficiencies in retail and more.

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