Data breaches

data compliance

Big Data, Compliance and Security – Your Questions Answered

Altogether more useful than an MP’s Surgery, though perhaps not as fetching as Grey’s Anatomy, Expolink Europe’s Data Doctor grapples with a generous cross section of your compliance and data protection quandaries. The good Doctor addresses concerns about PCI DSS compliance, helps diagnose Big Data complaints, helps identify the phenomena that is the Visa Merchant Registration Scheme and much more.

data security

Preventing Data Security Breaches

Considering the deluge of articles on data protection, breach and ownership that are drowning our inboxes and news pages, it is understandable to be a little numb to postulations on what this could mean for our future online activities. Have you taken time to thoroughly evaluate the status of the business that you work in? How secure are your systems when it comes to the malevolent risk of hacks and data breaches? We offer some tips on protecting your data.

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