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Top Tips to Ensure Business Efficiency

Optimising business efficiency is vital to all companies, and in the case of SMEs, where resources are particularly precious, cutting costs and ensuring effective allocation of resources should be right at the top of your list. While businesses increasingly require smarter ways of working – basically doing the same for less – so customers’ expectations increase exponentially. We offer some top tips to help you succeed.

customer service trends 2014

Customer Service and Consumer Trends for 2014

2013 was a year full of surprises for the digital world, with the evolution of social media powering on at breakneck speed, spawning a seething hub of comment from marketing analysts, keen to anticipate the next move from the tech community and consumers. Jargon and big data are ever more perplexing and Twitter #fails by the likes of British Airways have highlighted how mis-managing social media customer service can result in gleeful brand-bashing overnight. Read on for our predictions in 2014.

British Airways twitter debacle

What Customer Service Can Learn From the British Airways Twitter Debacle

While speculation abounds about Twitter’s eagerly anticipated stock market floatation, we at Expolink Towers find our attention swayed by more customer-centric matters. A recent Twitter exchange between a BA customer and their customer service department exposed gaping holes in the airline’s customer service strategy – that their Twitter feed was only manned during office hours. We look at developments in social customer service and how businesses can ensure they meet their customer’s expectations.

24/7 customer services

Managing Your Social Customer Service and Brand in a 24/7 Culture

Brands presenting their products and services as single channel campaigns is as dated as Bebo and arguably as unprofitable. Customer engagement is no longer solely about the customer, but about the community – a very public, connected community that loves learning and sharing. From sorting the right recruitment processes to learning from campaign results, we look at how your business can provide great 24/7 multichannel service.

call centre

Why WeAnswer Contact Centre is Different From BBC3’s the Call Centre

Like many reality TV series with larger than life characters, forced spontaneity and hatchet editing, BBC3’s The Call Centre has been making waves throughout the Twittersphere. As industry experts since 1995 we know a thing or two about the true life of a contact centre. Here, one of our longest serving call centre agents, Vicky, talks about her experiences, what attracted her to a contact centre career and what she thinks about the BBC series so far…

EU data protection directive

New EU Data Directives and Key Future Trends in Marketing

With a number of new EU data directives imminent or just passed, we thought the time was right for a good chat with Andrew Buffrey, DMA West Regional Manager, for his take on the directives. We also took the opportunity to quiz Andrew on his thoughts for the key social media players and trends for 2012 and to steal a few good tips for businesses of all shapes and sizes to stay ahead of the game.

Growing a local brand

Successfully Growing a Local Brand. Interview with Stuart Backhouse of Seasalt

Our clients, Seasalt, are in the enviable position, not only of being located in beautiful Cornwall, but of building a truly local and successful business model. We ask Stuart Backhouse of Sealsalt where the inspiration for Seasalt come from, what they anticipate for the company’s future, how they stay ahead of the competition and what are the most surprising business trends they have noticed in the last few years.

data security

Preventing Data Security Breaches

Considering the deluge of articles on data protection, breach and ownership that are drowning our inboxes and news pages, it is understandable to be a little numb to postulations on what this could mean for our future online activities. Have you taken time to thoroughly evaluate the status of the business that you work in? How secure are your systems when it comes to the malevolent risk of hacks and data breaches? We offer some tips on protecting your data.

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