The Entertainer Launch 2018

The Entertainer Launch 2018

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Back in October 2015, WeAnswer was appointed as The Entertainer’s brand partner. Since then our relationship has gone from strength to strength.

We are now in our fourth year of helping The Entertainer with their Christmas campaign from October through to January. We hope to make this the best year yet.

Here’s what we’ve been doing to ensure The Entertainer is ready for their outsourced Christmas campaign.

Planning ahead for an Outsourced Christmas Campaign

Our Operations Manager, Matt Naudi, has been working closely with The Entertainer since May and our team here at WeAnswer HQ to ensure that this year’s campaign is a success.

During the planning process, clear expectations have been set, alongside agreed Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators. This will ensure that both The Entertainer and WeAnswer are striving for the same objectives.

Here’s what Matt had to say about our strategy this year

“We looked at the key deliverables and the issues which occurred last year to ensure that we chose the appropriate leader best able to manage the specific campaign challenges.

We also completed a full review of the previous years and carried out a contingency planning session. This was to detail every issue and the strategies that we would employ should they be required.”

Providing the best team

Our team at WeAnswer has worked hard to ensure that The Entertainer has the right people to run their campaign. This was achieved by identifying the right people with the appropriate skills and behavioural set and bringing them into the dedicated team.

We have also cross-skilled members from our bureau team who will be used as contingency for sickness or attrition to ensure service levels are maintained. A complete week-by-week morale management plan has been put into place to prevent attrition and keep morale and motivation high in the team.

How we help The Entertainer

WeAnswer is able to receive and answer a high number of calls per hour, as well as provide a high email resolution rate. This helps decrease the workload for The Entertainer, allowing them to shift resources at their head office.

We aim to be flexible with overtime and increased workloads. We understand that anything can happen in this industry that could affect sales (for example weather can have a significant impact on retail sales).

We have a great track record of providing a high first-time resolution. This saves The Entertainer time as we don’t have to follow up with them and are able to manage it all in-house.

This year we were able to offer reduced hours due to our high calls-per-hour answered. This meant workload decreased, which also meant we were able to save The Entertainer money.

Helping our clients to achieve their campaign goals is important to us, but if we can make sure they’re happy with our service and even save them money, it’s a win for everyone!

If you would love to know how WeAnswer can help with your campaign, speak to one of our experts who will be happy to discuss everything from saving you money to delivering the best possible experience for your customers.

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