The importance of feedback in customer service training

Customer Service Training

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Growing the right customer service team doesn’t just happen, it takes time and valued focus on customer service training.

Customer Service teams should be nurtured so that they can learn from their management team, from one another and from their own performance. But rather than giving them a phone in one hand, a script in the other and leaving them to it, companies should invest in their time. By offering training, their customer service employees may clearly understand their role and how to overcome obstacles.

Each call can begin in the same manner but end up with a very different outcome. With this intension it’s important that customer service teams understand and are supported through as many different eventualities as possible. Likewise, they can give the customer the correct response for the information they are looking for. Minimizing the journey to the outcome provides a slicker response, satisfies the customer and protects the company’s brand image.

A manager’s approach to customer service training

Managers can demonstrate recognition and praise when employees respond well to a customer service enquiry. After all, it’s an easy option to only focus on the negative situation which can lead to reduced morale. Alternatively, customer service training should be ongoing. By praising their team as they go, managers can set targets and showcase employees’ situations where the enquiry is successful. This allows the employees and their other team members to learn from the situation. Furthermore, they can apply it to their own customer service toolbox. The .gov website offers useful guidance for businesses who wish to improve their customer service skills –

Here at WeAnswer, we highly value our customer service team and constantly invest in customer service training. Our customers can be certain that we provide the best service and outcomes for their customers, on behalf of their business. Find out how we can help to expand your customer service team and become your dedicated customer service solution –  contact us, or see our customer service support information for more details.

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