The launch of ‘Generation Logistics’

new support for generation logisitcs

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The UK Government has recently launched a new initiative named ‘Generation Logistics’ to attract a new generation of skilled workers into supply chain operations. Throughout the pandemic it was the supply chains and logistics industry who sought to keep the nation on its feet.  However, following Brexit which saw the exit of many EU workers, combined with the phenomenal rise in fuel prices, the logistics industry has incurred a serious strain.

In going forward, investment is especially needed, to bring the nation up to speed with new and innovative supply chain methods which could help to alleviate the pressures, whilst allowing us to become more independent and setting us apart from other countries.

Co-ordinated by Logistics UK and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Generation Logistics offers an exciting career choice for new employees and businesses looking to innovate within the logistics industry.

Innovation with ‘Generation Logistics’

As we embark on a new era, sustainability and environmental impact are essential in the delivery of digital automation and artificial intelligence to pick, pack and deliver goods. Furthermore, the observation and assessment of data will help to create leaner services in terms of time and cost. All these aspects are fundamental to the future of the UK supply chain and logistics industry.

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