TopspinPro and WeAnswer – The Perfect Doubles Team

the perfect doubles team

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The perfect team comes in many shapes and sizes.

One of the reasons our Business Development Manager, Ben Western-Shill, buys his morning cup of coffee from the small independent café in his little town in Wiltshire is because the people who own the café, “Are just lovely. I enjoy buying my hot drink from them every day because they are passionate about their café and about providing a great service to their customers which is why I go back time and time again.”


For Ben, it’s about the experience and how the people serving him make him feel.  For all of us at WeAnswer, it’s the same. Except we’re the ones providing the experience and wanting our clients to feel as loved and taken care of as their customers.


Initial Contact

So when TopspinPro contacted WeAnswer to support their already successful and growing business, it was easy to see that this was a company passionate about their products and business and looking for a like-minded partner to support their business growth.  You could almost say we are the perfect match 🎾



From our first meeting, TopspinPro showed that they shared the same values and ethos as WeAnswer. Driven by a successful year in 2020, TopspinPro was looking to improve the service levels of its e-commerce business. With a US, European and growing global presence, TopspinPro was looking for a flexible outsourcing partner with a 24/7/365 contact centre operation as a highly flexible outsourcing partner and WeAnswer was perfectly positioned (at the net) to deliver.


Now it’s fair to say that everyone at WeAnswer has been excited to get their hands on the TopspinPro tennis training aid. “Touching and handling the products really helps in understanding the service we’re delivering; it’s helpful to have the TopspinPro so I can problem-solve for customers,” says Charlotte, our Dedicated Customer specialist.  And that’s how we treat all our clients’ products and services – as if we are their customers because only when we do that can we truly empathise with a customer and their needs.  


Know Your Onions!

We’ve said it before in our Customer Service Tips for 2021 blog and we’ll say it again – KNOW YOUR ONIONS!  With TopspinPro, not only do we know them, we’re ACEing every volley, so we’re best placed to answer any queries and deliver the best match between company and customer.  If you haven’t seen Lucy Goverd from our digital team mastering her TopspinPro skills, head over to Facebook, where you can watch her in action.  


To us, the best feedback we get is when companies hardly even know we’re there.  Fading into the background means we’re so perfectly integrated into their business; it’s like we’ve been there since the beginning.  When Phil Hofmeyr, inventor and founder of TopspinPro, commented, “I do not even feel as if we have outsourced our customer service,”  we knew we were doing a great job and were their perfect match.  WeAnswer is excited about our partnership and relationship at this time of TopspinPro’s growth and we look forward to continuing to support and grow with their business.


For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you may have noticed we’ve slipped in one or two tennis puns above…sorry, but we knew you would LOVE them.

Just For Fun 

We’ve got a prize of 30 minutes with the TopspinPro for the best joke in the office. Feel free to play along with us and send us some of yours:


🐠 Fish hate playing tennis because they will not go anywhere near the net.


🐎 What is a horse’s favourite sport? Stable tennis.


🏃‍♀️ What do you call a woman who stands in the middle of a tennis court? Annette.

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