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Transportation Methods - Drone Deliveries

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With businesses focusing more than ever on running costs and how to create leaner systems to reduce bottom line finances, there is a real urgency to review transportation methods to deliver goods and save money wherever possible.

In today’s modern technological age, delivering goods to consumers has become more than just hiring ‘a man with a man’. There are so many more delivery options available compared to those in the past.

The courier service / logistic landscape is ever-changing and with new emerging online services becoming ever more popular, advancements in technology and digital connectivity to book deliveries online are becoming the new norm. Considering this, we look at some of the transportation methods which are benefitting local business logisitcs.

The benefits of emerging transportation methods

Buying locally sourced goods is the most sustainable method to reduce carbon emissions and support the local economy.  Courier companies are analysing how to tap into developing these services, to build their own business, so that they may support others who rely on local distribution.

Drone Technology

This revolutionary delivery method is certain to flourish over the coming years with an estimated value of £45 billion by 2030. The UK Government has now been delivered a white paper by The Drone Delivery Group, which outlines plans for a landmark national strategy. Remotely piloted drones will not only relieve our roads of congestion but can also reduce carbon emissions by 2.4m tonnes.

Motorcycle Delivery

Motorcycle delivery services have extensively risen over recent years. With the likes of local supermarkets, takeaway, and restaurant businesses, all using local courier services to deliver goods to customers in record time and for just a small fee. Motorcycle delivery services have opened new customer markets to businesses which wouldn’t have necessarily accessed them before. Due to their locality (often driven through towns and cities), courier businesses are encouraged to invest in greener battery powered bikes which are cheaper to run in terms of fuel costs and are less harmful to the environment.

Van Transportation

Currently, major investment in electric van vehicles is taking place across many UK courier businesses. Van courier services continue to offer an ideal method to transport goods into local towns and cities. With a larger volume capacity to manoeuvre goods compared to motorcycles and drones, vans can carry out several drops and transport bulk items effortlessly. Furthermore, with advancements in Satnav technologies which can predict best routes of access based on busy times of the day and congestion, using vans to transport goods is still an extremely viable option.

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