What should customer experience CX look like in a post pandemic era?

digital customer experience

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Our world has propelled 10 years in terms of digital use, which has replaced physical experiences and put customer experience (CX) at the very heart of it! When ordering in cafes and restaurants, using QR codes are second nature. Buying groceries online, is the norm and communicating through Zoom and Teams rather than face to face, feels extremely familiar.

Whilst in many ways the pandemic brought people closer together, it also exposed areas which were disconnected. This was often highlighted within business to customer service experience, where companies and organisations found immediate cavities and rapidly sought to create better customer experiences and re-connect with their customers through digital systems.

By adopting digital quickly, they replaced face to face contact and protected one another from the pandemic. This meant that sellers and customers propelled into using digital methods, which were not used before. It encouraged both sides to become more reliant and by regularly using digital methods, the processes soon became frequently familiar.

Digital Customer Experience the benefits!

There are many benefits to using digital customer services for businesses, here are some examples:

  • Open 24/7
  • Leaves a digital paper trail of data between business and customer
  • Creates flexibility and a deeper understating of customer needs
  • Creates a more direct relationship
  • Offers immediate response
  • Eliminates human error e.g. through ordering
  • Creates brand loyalty
  • Meets customer’s needs

At WeAnswer we love digital customer service and providing a customer experience on behalf of businesses, which meets expectations for both clients and their customers. By working solely on digital customer service or coupling with telephone customer service though our OMNI channel, we tailor customer service solutions to help support companies. To find out more, please see our customer service website information or talk to an expert.

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