What is ‘What 3 Words’ and how are delivery businesses using it?

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what 3 words logo For those who regularly order online, at some point in the last few years, you may have come across ‘What 3 Words’ and wondered what the term referred to.

Sometimes road names and house numbers don’t provide enough information, in helping delivery drivers to pinpoint as to where they should accurately leave parcels. Door entrances are not always obvious, and buildings based in parks do not consistently have accurately marked GPS entrances. Subsequently, this led a digital tech innovator to design a more precise location marker through an App called ‘What 3 Words’.

According to their website, ‘What 3 Words’ says, “They divided the world into 3 metre squares and gave each square a combination of words”. Now this remarkable technology, provides users the ability to find locations more easily. Since which, has since led to the popular ‘What 3 Words’ App being used by millions of people across the world.

‘What 3 Words’ is saving companies time whilst reducing emissions

Furthermore, many global businesses are also adopting the technology. The likes of Hermes, DPD, Metapack, Pall-Ex and now DHL, are all integrating the app within their logistics infrastructure, so that they may improve their delivery schedules.

“74% of the UK population say guests, deliveries or services struggle to find their homes on a daily basis”, according to a recent article by edelivery.net. However, this innovative App technology aims to overcome the issues faced in trying to find exact locations, which can cost businesses in both time and extra fuel consumption. By applying the technology to finding exact locations, routes can be better optimised, which will save time and excessive emissions.

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