Why is good quality data, so essential to businesses?

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It’s a fact, that all businesses need data to run effectively, you just can’t operate a successful business without it.

Companies rely on quality data for all sorts of reasons, including a customer’s name, address, and contact details to administer orders, deliveries and returns, product and order information, which helps them to plan when ordering and manufacturing stock. Finally, more tailored data is needed for marketing purposes such as seasonal influences and personal details, such as age and birthday, likes and dislikes or demographics, can all help to build customer persona’s, so that businesses can focus on insights. Cumulatively, this information is not only necessary to reflect on, but it also helps to grow and plan a successful business strategy for the future.

Where to find good quality data

Creating good quality data can be far more complex, after all customers won’t give it away freely and when they do, businesses need to treat it like a precious gem.

Finding out as much as you can about your customers will help you to understand who you are selling your goods or service too. Knowing your target market is extremely important and will help you to understand how to develop your business for the future, including what types of associated products or services you could bring onboard to broaden your position.

Furthermore, when customer’s place an order you can take this as an opportunity to ask them a few questions (without bombarding them) to get to know them a little better. It could be as simple as asking them their date of birth, or inviting them to take part in a short survey, with the offer of a discount voucher code to place on a future order.

For longer standing customers, you can annually invite them to review their data. Is their delivery address, their contact and payment information still valid?

Up to date information will allow your company to run as efficiently as possible, it will prevent deliveries from ending up at the wrong address and enables you to build better customer experiences.

Sourcing extra support

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