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Retaining customers is extremely important. According to avidlyagency.com, “It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one” and “44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition vs. 18% that focus on retention”.

Unfortunately, for companies wishing to improve on their sales targets, the reality of this statistic often presents itself as a huge flaw in their sales and marketing strategy. After all, surely it makes sense that businesses should consolidate needless resource expenses but still aim to maximise profits. That’s a good business strategy, isn’t it?!

By retaining existing customers, extra investment is refocused into customers within new growth markets, which means that the investment is more wisely spent.

So how does retaining customers work?

Retaining customers is all about understanding their wants and needs from you as a business. By opening up the lines of communication, customer relationships do not have to cost much, yet during the process positive outcomes are easily achieved.

It’s all about:

  • Customers knowing each step of the journey and what is going to happen next, to keep them contented.
  • Staying ahead and thinking and contacting them before they must think and contact you. This type of communication satisfies customers and affirms that you are aware of their order / booking details.
  • Putting your business ahead of the competition. Afterall if your competitors aren’t offering this detailed level of customer service, then customers will choose you because they are assured that they are looked after.
  • Meeting their expectations in terms of when they should anticipate their delivery or the service engineer to contact them through proactive communication.
  • Not being afraid to ask for feedback! By picking up the phone, social media messaging or making email contact to receive feedback on purchases or service will help you to improve your business for future customers.
  • Finally, companies who are good communicators will naturally be recommend to others by the customer. This type of marketing doesn’t drain extra resources or cost a penny to advertise and yet every company likes new customers too 😊

Applying high quality customer support

Here at WeAnswer we help business across the UK to retain customers through high quality customer service support. By outsourcing your customer services to our professional team, we open the lines of communication between customers and the business whom we are representing. This method of customer services is extremely cost effective for companies who require extra support during out of hours and overflow busy periods. To find out more about your outsourcing customer services UK, please get in touch or see out website for more details.

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