World Wellbeing Week

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26 – 30 June 2023 marks World Wellbeing Week. Embracing World Wellbeing Week is an opportunity for people across the globe to come together to thank health workers and carers whilst focusing attention to practitioners, social enterprises, and charities, who specialise and inspire their own areas of wellbeing.

Highlighted throughout the uncertainty of the pandemic, raising awareness for improving wellbeing is now recognised as being extremely important for everyone. Commercial businesses are also keen to get involved and value its significance as a ‘strategic priority’ across all industry sectors and employment roles.

Sharing your experiences during World Wellbeing Week

World Wellbeing Week encourages everyone to get involved, to share experiences and be part of something special. Just upload your favourite wellbeing photos and experiences by using the hashtag #worldwellbeingweek or send your stories to [email protected] to be included in the Wellbeing World magazine.

How we value wellbeing at WeAnswer

Working as part of a team, we value our contact centre employees and the importance of their wellbeing – across all roles, we are here to support one another 247 / 365. Occasionally a call can be tricky but that’s ok, with the support of one another within our team, we work together to achieve a positive outcome. After all we are all human and that’s a good thing – customers say that they prefer to speak to a human rather than a robot!

In terms of representing a business, we also respect that these too can be embarking on their own wellbeing challenges. Maybe employees have an over demanding workload, or they can’t meet their time-scale commitments due to personal circumstances outside of the business. As a third-party UK contact centre, we are on hand to relieve some of the added pressures put on businesses by taking care of customer services on their behalf.

If you find that your company is facing challenges and need extra assistance, then why not consider outsourcing your customer services? For further information, please to get in touch 😊

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