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Customer Service Support for UK Utility Business

Across the UK, operating as a successful utility business is demanding. Meeting customer needs and managing excessive customer enquiries, within an acceptable timeframe can be a challenge.

Find extra manpower by outsourcing your customer’s enquiries to our team of professionally trained contact centre experts who can help your utility customers to find the resolution they are looking for.

Based in the UK, our contact centre is on hand to manage your incoming calls, emails, and social media messages. Flexible and responsive, we can communicate with your customers as part of your in-house team, through a variety of options. Choose from 24/7 dedicated contact centre support, enquiry over-spill to cope with busy times only, or use WeAnswer to manage out of hours – evenings & weekends, when your offices are closed or are open but with lower staff support.

Please note that all customer data used, on behalf of your business is securely utilised in line with our GDPR data protection policy.

Customer Support Services - Voice

What's involved!

Overflow/ Out of Hours/Outbound

extend working hours

Our overflow/ Out of Hours & Outbound utility support services, allows you to extend your current office hours and enhance your business service beyond your core hours.

Charged only by pence per minute or flexibility to suit you, our calls are affordable for utility businesses who are looking to grow the customer support of their business. Outsourcing your customer service also means that you are eliminating internal recruitment and training programmes which can be costly.

Call and/or Digital

digital support customer services

At WeAnswer, our professional contact centre teams are experts in both call handling and digital technologies. Your customers will receive the same level of competency in response to their enquiries, whether it’s over the phone, or through social media, webchat, or email.

Customer Services

customer services support

We know that choosing the right customer services team to represent your utility business is extremely important, resulting in your customers staying loyal and recommending your brand. WeAnswer fully appreciate that respected customers stay loyal and will recommend brands. Listening with understanding and empathy to find the right solution for your utility customers is our priority.  

Engineer Services

Engineer Services

We appreciate that not all enquires can be resolved over the phone or online and therefore may require a further visit by your utilities engineer or your business representative. Through our CRM technology we can provide support to your customers by recording or logging the calls we receive giving you insight, and even better still, we can call your engineers out for you, keeping a log of the conversations we have had, and actions we have taken, all in line with your processes.

24 7 / 365

247 customer support

WeAnswer UK contact centre is always open! This means that you never have to worry about missing an enquiry. Even if your main office is closed, through our contact centre response teams, you can be there for your customers, , we can make sure you are open to answer calls, or provide digital support, ‘during any time. Through call answering or digital support and during any time of the day or night, including the weekends too.


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