What is Outsource Contact Centre?

Outsourcing customer service is one way for businesses to save costs, putting their customer experience in the hands of a team of experts, enabling them to focus on aspects such as growth or product development.

The flexibility of outsourcing customer support means that businesses can contract their entire customer service support function, or just specific elements, to a third party business.

The outsource contact centre will recruit and train their teams to handle all customer communications as an extension of the business, using the language and voice of the brand they are representing.

What are the advantages of outsourcing to a contact centre?

  1. It saves you time and money
    In today’s labour market recruitment can be challenging, expensive, and take a long time. An outsourced contact centre takes care of this for you, recruiting and training the right people with the right skills to deliver your customer experience.
  1. It can help you grow your business

    If you have big plans for expansion, outsourcing customer service to a contact centre can really help, whether it’s moving into different market locations, or just needing more support without the risk of taking on additional people internally.

  1. It provides great flexibility

    Pay for the hours you need when you need them. Outsourcing customer service means that you can quickly scale up or down, without the additional time it takes to recruit and train internally. This is great for a business with shifting needs, or a business that needs cover 24/7 for those ‘just in case’ or out of hours contacts.

  1. You can overflow calls easily

    At those times of the year when your customer demand is at its peak, rather than recruit, you can overflow your calls to an outsourced contact centre. This means you can easily cope with sudden spikes in your call or contact volumes, without needing to recruit, scaling up and down seamlessly.

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